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Revolutionizing the retail experience through design and construction

It is a consumer world out there –– which means brick and mortar retailers are beckoned to provide next-level retail experiences.

At Hanto & Clarke Construction, that is our specialty. As consumers ourselves, know exactly what your audience will want to see and feel the moment they walk into your establishment in terms of design and construction.

Pair that with your vision, and we can bring the ultimate retail experience to life.

We have carefully curated our expertise to articulate your ideas. We will develop a tailored plan for your project, and execute it with quality and creativity while keeping you and your customers’ satisfaction in mind.

Remodeling and Expansion Services That Maximize Space

We pride ourselves on our growth mindset, which has allowed us to master the art of helping retail locations expand their space or build in new locations. Bringing these growth-centric values to each project allows us to effectively configure and reconfigure retail spaces with an eye on the growth of your business.

No matter what we are starting with, we will mold it into the vision that you have for your retail location. We believe in breathing new life into retail spaces through contemporary, efficient and effective designs.

A to Z Retail Construction Services

Right from the beginning, retail spaces should be designed to drive revenue by providing customers with a unique, favorable shopping experience. To effectively do that, every brand has its own specific needs that must be met in order to provide an optimal, consistent experience.

Hanto & Clarke has spent decades crafting the perfect retail construction projects from scratch. Right from conceptualization, we will ensure that the space brings your brand to life and will maximize your revenue potential for years to come.

Executing Our Specialized Approach

Our design-build approach to retail construction ensures that retail operations remain fluid and consistent, even during high-volume timeframes (such as Black Friday, Christmas, etc.)

Unlike competitors, we factor in ideal solutions for customer flows, easy payment processing areas and inventory storage to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We take it a step further and ensure that each space remains scalable to accommodate your future growth.

Intentional Planning and Project Management

Careful, mindful planning is important in producing the ideal outcome. That is why, at Hanto & Clarke, we practice intentional planning, abiding by the mantra that planning and process are just as important as the outcome.

To do so effectively, we employ only the most effective project management tools to help keep timelines on track and meet client goals. This also allows us to stay fully aligned with the vision and the expected outcome of our clients.

Dedicated to Over-delivering

At Hanto & Clarke Construction, good enough is never good enough. The success of your retail construction project hinges largely on how well it helps deliver critical retail objectives.

We know that you have high expectations for your projects, and we are dedicated to exceeding them.

We have built our company on core values that ensure that we outperform industry standards, and we have the expertise to confidently guarantee it. No matter where you are in planning your retail project, we are ready to bring it into existence and aid you in providing unforgettable retail experiences.

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