Hanto + Clarke


With more than 75 years of combined experience in commercial construction, Hanto & Clarke General Contractors, LLC, is your go-to contractor for any building projects within the commercial market. We take pride in delivering superior general contracting services while meeting our clients’ specific requirements. Our greatest goal is to bring your vision to life, in the best possible way through general contracting services in Pensacola.

Dedication to Quality

The quality of our work and our subcontractors’ work is our most important priority throughout any construction project. Whether it’s new construction or renovations, we guarantee to deliver a quality product through our exceptional workmanship. We aim to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them.

Strong External Partnerships

Subcontractors and suppliers play a major role in all of our services. That’s why we’ve established and continuously maintain strong relationships with all of our external partners. After all, how our subcontractors and vendors perform also reflects the quality of services we provide to you.

There’s a reason that Hanto & Clarke General Contractors, LLC, is a trusted provider of general contracting services in Pensacola, Florida, and we want you to experience the difference we offer for yourself.


Hanto & Clarke General Contractors, LLC, is a licensed general contractor, also specializing in design-build services in Pensacola, Florida within the commercial market. With our experienced team of architects, designers, engineers and builders, we can handle your project from conception to completion.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Through our design-build services in Pensacola, we work closely with our clients from the very beginning of their project to its very end. The first and most important step is to meet with our team of architects and designers before we even start drafting blueprints so that we have a clear understanding of your vision for the project. And we ensure that we continue to exceed your expectations every step of the way until the job is complete.

Controlling Cost and Schedule

Through the design-build process, we are able to establish the client’s budget at the onset of the project to ensure that the project evolves in a manner that both meets their needs and is affordable. This early guaranteed price allows the client to sleep easy knowing they will not be hit with additional costs down the road. Further, construction can begin much earlier in the overall project development process allowing the owner to take possession of the building much sooner than in a traditional delivery method.


Hanto & Clarke is a full-service commercial general contractor specializing in new construction, large-scale renovations and additions, remodeling and more.

Projects of all Sizes

We provide a comprehensive roadmap for any size and type of project to help bring your vision to life. With a combined experience of more than 70 years, we have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of commercial building projects that allows us to fulfill your requirements, as well as your customer’s needs. Through upfront planning, we minimize potential issues and implement cost-effective solutions while meeting your expectations. We offer the following commercial construction services in Pensacola: General Contracting, Design-Build, Construction Management and Built-To-Suit.

Experienced Team

Led by Donald Hanto, Michael Clarke, Stephen Clarke and Richard Clarke, our team of architects, designers, engineers, builders and developers have extensive experience in their respective fields. Through our many years working in the industry, we’ve established strong partnerships with reliable subcontractors and vendors, that enables us to maintain control over schedule, quality, cost, safety and all other elements of a construction project.

What should you look for in a builder? First and foremost, it's important to know that your builder has the expertise and resources to deliver a quality project. Some of the questions you might ask are, what are the projects they have completed? What is the experience of their staff? What is their approach to managing quality and safety on their projects? At Hanto + Clarke, we have completed projects in every commercial market, including medical, retail, office, industrial and hospitality. Our staff of five project managers and estimators each have a degree in either engineering or construction science. We assign full-time superintendents to every project, each with a minimum of 20 years of field experience. They're responsible for managing quality, safety, and schedule on an ongoing basis. We also only work with preferred subcontractors and suppliers that have demonstrated an ability to meet our high expectations for quality and service, and we employ the latest document management and scheduling software to ensure that all project members are working together towards our goal of delivering excellence on time.


When it comes to construction management services in Pensacola, Hanto & Clarke General Contractors, LLC, takes a proactive approach. Our team of project managers possesses the skills and knowledge required to coordinate complex commercial and industrial projects. More importantly, our goal is to help you complete your project quickly and efficiently through cost-effective solutions.

Tailored Services

Apart from our team’s in-depth knowledge of the industry, they are also trained to provide tailored construction management services in Pensacola, Florida. We understand that every project comes with specific requirements, such as tight deadlines and limited budgets, so we work closely with our clients and their team to ensure that those requirements are met.

Our construction management services include:

  • Quality Management
  • Safety
  • Cost Control
  • Contract Management
  • Material Management
  • Labor Relations

With the extent of our knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that your project will be in good hands with our construction managers.

In-depth Construction Knowledge

From controlling costs and schedule to implementing safety and managing contracts, our managers have in-depth knowledge of the construction process. With their know-how and experience, they can minimize issues both during the planning stages and on-site that help streamline processes for improved results.

Call the team at Hanto + Clarke to schedule a meeting to discuss the renovation or new construction needs for your business today!