Case Study



The Lost Key Golf and Beach Club – our case study for beach construction - is designed for beach lovers who have a little more privacy in mind. This luxurious, gated community is located along the emerald Gulf Coast in Pensacola, Florida and offers guests a vacation experience unlike any other. Lost Key residents and guests receive exclusive access to the Lost Key Beach Club, the beach, a state-of-the-art fitness center, championship Arnold Palmer Golf Course, nature trails, tennis courts and more.

With all the amenities the Lost Key Golf and Beach Club has to offer, one of the most unique is exclusive access to the Beach Club. This open-air beach amenity offers dining, a swimming pool, a bar, beachfront access, shower facilities, a commercial kitchen and locker rooms for both men and women. Lost Key residents can experience fine dining while viewing some of the most stunning views the Pensacola area has to offer.

Hanto and Clarke was one of the three prequalified general contractors for the job based on our experience and reputation. Ultimately, the project was awarded to our team and we made the Beach Club vision come to life. We completed with the job in October of 2017.

14359 Perdido Key Dr, Pensacola, FL

Project Size (ft2, m2)
11,643 square feet, 2-story

Building Type(s)
Wood & concrete piling, masonry and wood framing, composite siding and stucco, metal roof

Project Type
New Construction

Delivery Method
Lump Sum Contract – Bid Project

Building Architect/Project Team   Dalrymple Sallis Architecture


As with any beach construction job, there were obstacles to overcome due to regulations and rules that had to be followed to protect the beach dunes. One key obstacle during the construction of the Lost Key Beach Club was the fact the building was being built directly adjacent to the DEP-regulated construction line along the dunes. With these regulations, our beach construction team was not allowed to encroach on the dunes with personnel, materials or equipment. In addition, there was no room for staging equipment or materials.

Of course, another key challenge with beach construction is protecting and preserving the wildlife that inhabits our area. Because of the job site location, there were Perdido Key beach mice present all throughout the construction process. The Hanto + Clarke team worked diligently and efficiently to protect the mice while also providing quality beach construction services. There was also the issue of sea turtle season, which limited construction of the boardwalk to a small window prior to the beginning of the season. Plus, all visible interior and exterior lighting on the boardwalk had to be compliant with sea turtle protection requirements and approved by FDEP prior to installation.

With any construction project, there are two factors that can also play a large role when it comes to challenges: budget and weather. Originally, the Lost Key Beach Club project was well over budget, which almost prevented the project from moving forward. Then, the team experienced significant weather delays, which can affect the job’s completion schedule. However, with any challenges there are always solutions.



In order to comply with FDEP regulations, we developed a construction sequence that allowed the team to work from inside the footprint of the building from the south to north. Due to the project locations proximity to the dunes, the beach construction team staged all materials, equipment and employee parking in a lot across the street from the job site.

When the challenge facing Perdido Key beach mice arose, we educated our team on how to identify and protect them during the construction process. To protect the sea turtles from potentially harmful lighting, we worked directly with a lighting supplier and the DEP to develop and manufacture custom sea turtle-compliant lighting. We created lighting that met the aesthetics the owner was looking for, while also ensuring the safety of the sea turtles. Due to permitting delays, boardwalk construction was compressed. To work around this, we assigned additional resources to complete construction and inspections before sea turtle season. But in the end, the DEP and owner were extremely pleased with our efforts and outcome. In addition, we saved the owner nearly $50,000 in material costs.

With the issue of being over-budget present, we worked with our subcontractors and suppliers to find a solution. Once solved, we were able to offer nearly $300,000 in value-engineered savings. These savings were a large contributing factor in the feasibility of the project and the owner moving forward. Although we faced many challenges, including weather delays, the beach construction team worked overtime and weekends to remain on schedule and complete the Lost Key Beach Club.

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