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Tips on How to Choose the Right General Contractor

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Building a commercial property for their company is one of the biggest financial decisions a business owner will make. One of the key steps to a new construction project is hiring a contractor. The contractor oversees the whole building process and ensures things proceed as smooth as possible. He purchases the building materials, hires construction workers, connects with subcontractors and makes the final touches on the building. However, the outcome of the construction project depends on the type of a contractor you choose. A good contractor will have the best outcome. Here are a few tips on how to get the right contractor.

Go for recommendations

Consider recommendations from friends and colleagues who have had a previous experience with a contractor. Get as many recommendations as possible and make a comprehensive list of the prospects. People who recommend contractors are more than happy with their work. Therefore, they are willing to share the good experience they had with others.

Do some research

Once you have made a list of contractors you have in mind, including the recommended ones, do some background check on each one of them. The research should be about their reputation, academic qualifications and what people say about them in online reviews. You can go to BBB and look at the company’s rating. A good contractor must have a rating of A and above.

Contact former clients

Look for the contractor’s former clients or business associates and ask questions. In most cases, the contractors provide the contacts of their previous clients on their websites. Ask the clients whether they have worked with the contractor. Let them tell you how the job with the contractor was. Ask them whether the general contractor communicated well throughout the project and how he handled the problems that came up during the project. Get to know from them the quality of the work the contractor did and the total costs incurred.

Do some interviews

An interview is only appropriate after you have come up with a short list of prospects you think are most suited for the job. Make a quick call to each one of them and ask whether they take projects your size. Ask them about the number of jobs they have handled so far. Know the level of experience they have working with energy-efficient materials. Ask about who will supervise the construction and how they prefer to work. After the phone call, filter through the list once again and settle on one or two contractors. Schedule a physical meeting with the successful contractors.

Make plans

Now that you have a short list of contractors whose track record and past seem clean, shift your focus to the project. Engage the contractor in a strategic meeting to bring out the plan of the project. A good general contractor should be in a position to provide you with the blueprint and also make sense of what you want out of the project.

Hiring a contractor in Florida

Hiring a person or a company that specializes in general contracting services in Florida is challenging if you don’t have the basics at your finger tips. To save you the hassle and bustle of searching for a good candidate, contact Hanto & Clarke General Contractors, one of the leading general contracting companies in Florida. The company also qualifies as one of the leading commercial general contractors with a large service portfolio ranging from industrial to medical buildings. Some of the services the company offers include design building, construction management, general contracting and community service.

The company has over 60 years of experience as a licensed general contractor in Florida. It has a team of experts comprising of engineers, subcontractors, architects and vendors. The team is guided by integrity, commitment and the desire to offer quality services. You can visit their website for more information and insight on a construction project