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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

pre-engineered metal building

Building Wisely With Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

A pre-engineered metal building, or PMB, as general contractors often call them, is much like it sounds: a prefabricated building made out of metal. They consist of a structural steel framing system that supports a metal roofing system and have wall panels made of varying materials. One of the things that make them most appealing is that they offer the option of an interior configuration in which the walls are non-load bearing to provide a fully-open space free from obstruction by inferior columns, which is often not afforded by typical steel framing construction.

Re-Engineering Pre-Engineering

Pre-engineered metal building contractors design pre-engineered metal buildings to specific measurements that must meet all relevant building codes, factor environmental impact on the materials being used, and avoid potential load issues that may arise when they are transported to the site. Due to advancements in computer assisted design and Building Information Modeling (BIM), metal building design capabilities now far surpass the features and design typical to four-sided warehouses and commercial metal buildings of the past to include more intricacies in layouts and features that can suit a wide range of needs.

In fact, PEMBs can be configured with expandable end walls to create a more flexible type of building that can be adapted for multiple uses and changes over the structure’s lifecycle. For that reason, pre-engineered metal buildings are being utilized in a wide range of commercial applications aside from simple use as warehouses, finding new life like schools, office buildings, churches, and even shopping centers. Many design options exist for architectural details and finish materials, as well, which affords an exterior appearance that resembles that of conventional construction buildings at a cost that is far lower, as pre-engineered metal buildings are an extremely cost effective alternative.

Prefabricated Ingenuity

There are other benefits to pre-engineered metal buildings, as well. They are not susceptible to damage by wood destroying organisms such as termites and carpenter ants, and their use of steel is typically considered to be more environmentally sustainable than other types of construction as steel can be more readily repurposed and recycled than other types of materials. For that reason, they are often considered to be green buildings and have become an attractive solution for clients who wish to be respectful of the environment.

The frame components of steel buildings support one another and are precisely constructed to form an efficient structural system when they are constructed off-site. The utilization of standard high strength bolted connections make for much more efficiency in erection and dry times than other types of construction, which allows for a streamlined, accelerated construction schedule with substantially reduced overall construction costs.

Recent years have certainly made the use of pre-engineered metal buildings more viable for commercial contracting applications, as they provide benefits including:

  • Durability
  • Low Cost of Maintenance
  • Ease and Efficiency of Construction
  • Weather Resistance
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Flexibility of Use
  • Recyclability
  • Sustainability

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