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Green Building Design and Construction

green building design and construction

Growing Upsides of Green Building Design and Construction

The whole concept of green building design and construction is gaining incredible momentum. And while it doesn’t actually have much to do with the color itself, it does respect the environment by using repurposed materials, sustainable construction materials, and energy-efficient products that all help reduce carbon footprint – both during the construction process and throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Green building design and construction do not have to be obvious in its environmental friendliness, however. Rather than looking rustic or granola, it can be quite cutting-edge in its design and suit commercial contracting applications quite well. Interestingly enough, a significant number of the components used in “green” design and construction rely on the use of natural light and other design elements that are intended to improve the quality of the indoor environment. Ultimately, this provides the benefit of creating a healthier and more productive workforce.

Self-Sustaining Benefits

A sustainable building will actually be one that will provide a high return on investment in a shorter period of time, as well, as it is more energy efficient and therefore less costly to run and maintain. In fact, many of the energy-efficient products on the market are actually designed with longer life cycles than other products that are less energy efficient, which allows a lower cost of maintenance and replacement during the building’s lifetime. Admittedly, some of these green components can be initially more expensive than traditional materials. But as the number and variety of energy efficient and sustainable products on the market increases, the cost premiums become less.

Thinking of things from the investment perspective, when green construction practices are used to build rental properties, sustainable design and energy efficiencies have marketable advantages over older, less efficient structures. This approach generally reduces vacancy rates and allows for more efficient use of equity for landlords and property managers.

Value Added

The upfront investment in green building makes properties more valuable and offer an average expected value increase of 4 percent, simply by virtue of the fact that they offer reduced maintenance and energy costs. In addition, older buildings that have been retrofitted to be green generally pay for themselves in an average of seven years.

As your general contractor may be able to tell you, LEED-certified buildings perform better and are internationally acclaimed for their efficient use of natural resources, ability to lower utility bills and positive impact on the environment.

In comparison to traditional construction buildings, studies have shown:

  • LEED-certified buildings consume 25% less energy
  • Divert over 80 million tons of waste from landfills
  • Have 34% lower CO2 emissions
  • Consume 11% less water

These buildings boast a reported 20% lowered cost or maintenance than typical commercial buildings, and retrofitting buildings to be green decreases their cost of operation by as much as 10% in one year.

The Growing Impact

The benefits of green building are expanding the market and breaking records, far outpacing overall construction growth in the US and continuing to rise. Impressively, green construction is providing millions of jobs and contributing billions of dollars to the nation’s wages and Gross Domestic Product.

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